New Manuals – Browning 1917 and RPD

Well, I think we’ve got everything up from the previous site now. If you notice anything missing or any bugs, please let me know!

What better way to celebrate the launch completion than by adding some new material? I’ve put three more manuals up – a 1943-dated shop manual for the Browning 1917, a basic manual for the RPD, and a very technical 1954 armorer’s manual for the RPD. All three are available for download (free, like all our info) at the manuals page. The RPD manuals are, of course, written in Russian – but for those of us who don’t read it, there are still lots of neat pictures to look at. Sooner or later, we’ll see what we can do about getting some of the Russian manuals translated to English.


  1. Either I’m too dense to figure it out or there may be a problem with the link to the RPD and Browning 1917 manuals.

    Thanks for the site!

  2. I believe I am having the same problems as well. When I click on the link in the text it just refreshes this page. I could not find a seperate link for those manuals either. Nevertheless, excellent web site devoted to little known and exotic firearms. Great collection you have as well.

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