1. You now need to do an FDE video of all the FDE things while wearing the mustard shirt in the desert. Do it in in your winter in the northern Arizona mountains wearing your British Army shorts & your new watch cap.

    Challenge yourself to make your least liked item your best selling one.

  2. No offense, but I find the idea of wearing logo merchandise from a firearms site to be the height of stupid. Especially in today’s world.

    Don’t skyline yourself. If I’m doing “threat evaluation” as a criminal or a terrorist, who do you suppose I’m gonna shoot first? The guy wearing a plain T-shirt, or the guy wearing Forgotten Weapons or HK merchandise?

    If you’re just wearing it at the range, yeah… Not so much an issue. But, I don’t like to change into a “range outfit” just for shooting or whatever else I’m doing.

    OPSEC. It’s not just for the military. Have some mindfulness about what you’re displaying to the world. You drive an SUV with cool logos on it? And, you have visible Pelican cases in the back? Are you really surprised when that SUV is the first thing someone decides to break into, in the hotel parking lot?

    • It is not only OPSEC/PERSEC. It is also just about being dressed for the occasion. Wearing a rugby jersey with team logo, your favourite music band (in my case more often then not with a garishly colourful print on the t-shirt, because heavy metal fan ;-)) or your favourtie video making and blog writing firearms historian is not always the right choice. It distracts when e.g. making a presentation, it can distract customers you interact with and yes, of course it may someone you talk to the wrong way needlessly. So wearing Forgotten Weapons merchandise around the house or when going shooting is fine. Supermarket less so. Applying for a new job is totally out. In the firm I am working at I sometimes see the young applicants for an apprentice position and some of them look like going to the discoteque? WTF? It is so totally out of place, that it rubs me the wrong way each and every time. And I am not even in HR.

      Simple rule of thumb: dress for the occassion and think at least a second about the impression you make.

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