My AK vs Cars, Kettlebells, & Fast Ropes: Lynx Brutality 2024 Day 1

Polenar Tactical has done it again, setting the bar for Brutality matches with this year’s Lynx Brutality. Held at the Lynx Pro Training Center outside Kočevje Slovenia, this year’s match was 10 stages over two days. I used a Romanian PM63 AKM that I assembled myself with a PK-A com bloc red dot and an Arex Delta pistol with a Holosun. The stages were a great blend of physical challenges, shooting challenges, and agility challenges.


  1. I love to see that PK-A. Is it AA powered? You can get a 3v cell the same size that brightens the red dot significantly.

    • So true, that’s “Da Bomb”.

      Think it’s called “70’s Mod Deco Tablecloth” Camo.

      Will hide you in a group of Arkansas Divorcees and Church Bake Sales.

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