Military Historical Tours

Military Historical Tours is a company specializing in guided tours of battlefields and war memorials, for the historical enthusiast and veteran alike. I spent about 10 days with them visiting WW1 American battlefields in France this spring, and had an excellent time – their offerings are a great way to see a lot of sites without having to deal with arranging transportation and lodging in a faraway place. In addition to WW1, they also have tours around WW2 in the Western, Eastern, and Pacific fronts, Korea, Vietnam, Spain, Israel, and more. To see their full schedule of tours, check their web site:



  1. “…the war isn’t sometimes over until they come back and see they for themselves that the war is over.”

    That should be a t-shirt. Bless those that fought. Prey we’ll not see what they suffered.

  2. Wish I had time and money to do several of these trips, both Europe and and the Pacific. I did a Normandy day tour 20 yrs ago, hitting Pont du Hoc, Omaha, Collville sur Mer cemetery and Arromanche. And came home to see Private Ryan. Amazing.

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