Looking for ZH-29 (and Z-36, Z-37, etc) Numbers and Data

I am trying to put together a database of ZH29 rifle information to figure out how many were made, who they were sold to, and find out anything I can about the later evolutions of the design (the Z-32, Z-43, Z-36, Z-37, etc). I have about a half dozen guns identified so far, but more would be really helpful. If anyone reading this has one of them, or a photograph showing a serial number, I would really appreciate it if you could share them with me!

Specifically, I would like to know these things:

  • Serial number
  • Model designation as marked on the top rear of the receiver
  • Any other markings on the rifle (for example, Ethiopian lions)
  • A photo of the gun, if possible – especially for the post-29 rifles (so we can see changes in design)

To ensure accuracy, I would really prefer photographs over recollections of guns owned by third parties.

The Czech ZH-29 examples I know of seem to start at serial number 10100, while the Ethiopian contract guns show a Lion of Judah marking on the left side of the receiver but no heel serial number. Instead, they are numbered on the buttstock, with a different 2-digit assembly number inside the upper and lower receivers. There are photos showing ZH-29s with Chinese soldiers, but I have yet to find a rifle that can be tied to a Chinese contract – I don’t know what different markings they might have had. The more numbers I can document, the better we can estimate the numbers of each contract, too.

Regarding the developmental progression, it is interesting to see that the ZH-29 and Z-36 are virtually identical, while the Z-37 shows significant changes. If I can get more information on those and other intermediary developmental models (like the 32 and 34), it would be a big help. If you can assist, please email me at admin@forgottenweapons.com – and I can assure you that all names will be kept strictly confidential.


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  1. When you need to decipher some old Czech data/ text, you can count on my help. I believe you know my e-mail address.

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