Experimental .30 caliber carbine made by Hillberg – no further information available.



  1. What a fantastic website , fascinating historical information , most interesting . Trying to find some info on the British PIAT , ANTI TANK GUN . All the best Joe ( Herefordshire , UK )

  2. The PIAT: ‘Projector, Infantry, Anti-tank’ was really a hand operated spigot mortar. It was an effective tank killer with a hollow-charge warhead, but suffered from a recoil-operated firing spring which would sometimes not work properly: if it didn’t properly recompress on firing it could be VERY hard to ‘rewind’, placing the operator in peril. It also had a very pronounced ‘kick’

  3. I worked at the Bellmore-Johnson Tool Co. in Hamden, CT with Bob Hillberg ,when he designed the Wildie pistol, and the COP pistol. He worked at the Hi-Standard plant in Hamden before that. When at Hi-Standard, he designed the first gas operated shot gun.
    When at B-J Tool, he designed the Whitney pistol, but that was before my time. He was a brilliant designer, and had many inventions to his credit as well as being an accomplished draftsman.

  4. David, you also worked with my grandfather, Howie. If you are so inclined, please reach out to me. I am working to collect my grandfathers legacy pertaining to BJT and I have many questions. Incidentally, I visited Bob a couple times before he passed and heard many informative and entertaining stories about BJT and such.

    Geoffrey.h.schroeder at gmail dot com

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