L.E. Tucker’s Confederate Texas Navy Pattern Revolver #1

Lot 1149 in RIA’s September 2020 Premier auction.

Laban E. Tucker and his sons Elihu and Argyle were several of the original partners in the Tucker & Sherrard Company, which contracted with the State of Texas to produce Colt-pattern revolvers during the Civil War. The company went through several different names, driven in part by the departure of Tucker and his sons shortly after the initial Taxes contract was signed. In addition to this revolver, there are two other known Tucker Navy (ie, .36 caliber) revolvers, numbers 59 and 79. This example is non-standard, bearing only a single serial number “1” on the loading lever and a barrel-mounted rear sight. It has no Tucker markings, but shares several very significant features with he other known Tucker Navy revolvers, including the rifling pattern (6 lands & grooves), lack of the standard loading notch, and dimpled loading lever screws.

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