Kickstarter: Endgame (Recorded Livestream)

If you missed the livestream that I did for the last couple hours of the Chassepot to FAMAS presale Kickstarter, you can see it here now. I apologize for the volume being a bit low; I will try to have better hardware for the next such event. Anyway, my father came down to join me and we spent three hours chatting about guns, cocktails, and how Mae stole my pants.

A huge thanks to everyone who ordered the book; the sale was a tremendous success!


  1. All the best stories begin “And then Mae stole my pants…”
    Congrats on the success of the book; looking forward to seeing it in person. Cheers to you and your Dad!

  2. I did! not live though. It was cool to see Ian relaxed, informal, and celebrating something. Also I like the Avengers reference in the title. I hope you are in the endgame of this book.

  3. I already knew of the de Havilland Dargon Rapide but checked the Wiki anyway. Turns out it one of the most significant aircraft in history, in that a British pilot, accompanied by a British secret agent with his daughter and her friend, was used to fly Franco out of the Canaries to start the Spanish Civil War! Why is this story not known outside Spain?
    Hopefully, when Ian is the History Channel’s go to gun man, and Headstamp is one of the biggest specialist, non-fiction, publishers in the world, he’ll be able to afford the time to learn to fly his own Rapide.

  4. Good choice of aeroplane. My dad flew for the RAF from Spitfires to Vulcans, and flew Dragon Rapides as part of his twin engine conversion.

  5. A pamphlet on Uruguayan firearms should be pretty easy to churn out, no? Throw in Paraguay and you’ll have a nice digest-size paperback…

    And not finish with Cognac after the 75, the wine, and Chartreuse? What a collision! Oh, you’re a Mac. Right then, Laddie. Congratulations. Thanks for all I have learned from you.

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