KE Arms vs GWACS: Update (and How You Can Help!)

For a full deep dive into the suit, I suggest checking out the video posted by Runkle of the Bailey just recently, with Uncivil Law and Bloke on the Range as legal guest experts:

If you have personal correspondence with GWACS about feature or future plans, please end copies to KE Arms at: .

If you would like to help with KE’s legal defense fund, the best way to do so is to buy something from their web site, . The KP15 is a great lower for all sorts of projects…so why not try one for yourself?


  1. My only exposure an intellectual property suit involving gun stuff just showed me how petty certain people can be over credit for part of an idea. It’d be nice if this were dismissed, but it won’t be, and even if KE wins this round, it can flipflop on appeal. We just can’t have nice things.

    • What I can make out of GWACS claims, they are about features that were first used so long ago that there are no patent rights for them. It is all smoke and mirrors to shutdown KE. Even if GWACS wins, it is no longer going to manufacture guns. The owner of GWACS is a gun grabbing rich Liberal who sees the opportunity to put a gun manufacturer out of business.

      Also, many companies are totally ignorant of how patentable an invention is. I ran into this on a job where I came up with a really new and different way to store lots of data using little space on CDs. This was way back when CDs had more storage capacity than PC hard drives. My storage system was used for a very successful data distribution product. But us programmers could never convince management that we had invented the better mouse trap and if patented, the storage system could be sold as a standalone product.

  2. When the suit was announced as proceeding to trial on TFB, I ordered a KP-15 M4 rifle directly from KE for ~$670. I had the privilege of giving my order to the product manager for the KP-15 🙂

    I also bought a couple of stripped lowers from Brownell’s for $82 each. I actually don’t expect I’ll ever build out the stripped lowers, but I was very happy to fling ~$165 to Brownell’s and KE. KE said they have 5000 lowers. If they simply sell out the current stock before trial they’ll have a pretty good warchest.

    I’m highly likely to buy a 2nd complete rifle after I get the first. I’d like to urge anyone reading this to at least buy a stripped lower from Brownell’s who are also defendants in the suit.

  3. Interesting discussion. Looks like another instance of gun control by lawyering up.

    I have no knowledge of law and legal practice in Oklahoma but the courts of the legal system I am familiar with would likely have struck out all GWAC’s claims long before any trial given the lack of specifically pleaded and credibly evidenced claims and the ulterior motives of the primary funder.

    I think Jones, Gotcher & Bogan’s might have rationalised continuing to act since their seemingly poor contract writing gave GWAC the opportunity to tie KEA up in distracting and expensive litigation.

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