It’s that time of year: SAR Show!

I admit it, we’re spoiled. Gun shows are just not all that interesting to us any more…the regular local ones are pretty much always the same group of dealers with the same stuff. We’re just not going to get very excited to looks at lots of tables of ARs and “tacticaled” Mosin Nagants, especially when we could be using those weekends to make progress on projects in the shop or take cool old guns out to the range. However, there is an exception…

Every year on the first weekend in December there is a huge gun show in Phoenix cosponsored by SAR and we have never missed it. It’s one of the best shows in the nation for finding weird and interesting items, as well as a great time to meet up with friends and collectors from all over the country.

We will be hanging around the show from the early hours of setup on Thursday through the last hurrah Sunday afternoon, so if you are going to be attending, please stop by and say hello! When we aren’t wandering through the buildings and tents, we will be at our own table in the yellow machine gun building.

Map to the AZ State Fairgrounds where the show is held


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