1. Thanks, Ian — You really made my morning :)! The second half of the film (“How Not To Do It”), was hilarious. It reminded me of the old silent movies featuring such unforgettable characters as the Keystone Cops, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd.

    By the way, that three-man Vickers crew used in the demonstration film is very competent and well-trained.

  2. The only thing worse than bungling the set-up process would be an attempt to brew tea in the barrel jacket. The tea would taste of machine oil… And using the gun as a toilet is strictly out of the question. Urine will corrode the barrel if you don’t clean out the “emergency coolant.”

    Anyways, once the Vickers gun is up and supported by other guns, it will likely keep watch over the battlefield for days on end (and kill hundreds or thousands during its watch).

  3. The first segment is so nice and smooth. Clearly it is a “parade ground” exercise. Sadly when there are incoming bullets ,artillery and screaming hoards of armed of enemies things usually happen in the manner of the second segment. Remember people standing and assembling a machinegun will attract unwanted attention form those who are the intended targets.

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