How the Gun Auction Process Works: Ian Buys a Kar98a!

Until this, I had never actually attended one of Rock Island’s auctions in person. They invited me out, and gave me some auction credit to use to make a video about how the auction process actually works. I’ve been wanting a WW1 German Kar98a carbine for a long time, and this seemed like a perfect time to find one. So I will take you through the whole process here, from auction registration to scouring through the guns on Preview Day to bidding and finally to unpacking the spoils after they arrived!


  1. Auctions are my favorite way to obtain a firearm. Really gets the blood pumping and winning the bid is a Awesome high! Looking forward to a video on the 98 AZ and a trip to the range.

  2. Good auction and you had good luck. And got a good package.

    That argentine Mauser with the chrome. Was it maybe a parade or guard rifle? That would explain the rubbed off chrome on the magazine from parading and drills, I think.

  3. Their packing really is good, I’d rather fight peanuts and bubbles than splinters.

    And I am very glad you didn’t go French at that sale!

  4. And, I always take a pad and make notes. It’s very easy to mix lots up or get distracted.

  5. There is a tough auction scenario you didn’t touch on; what is your strategy if there are six lots and your number 1 choice comes up 4th but your number two choice comes up 2nd, assuming that you do not have the money to bid on both?

      • Not sure what Ian’s strategy is,

        But my own personal one in this situation where I attend the auction is to assign a value to each lot that I’d be happy to own it at (remembering commisions and cc fees) also prioritising what is the must have item or 2 in the auction then bid as they come, also noting how strong bids are for items before helps to feed into on the fly price reviews, and depending on bidding i may go one over but if it exceeds my happy price I’ll leave it and wait for the next lot otherwise you can end up overpaying on a potentially lower grade item and be unable to bid on the item you really want further on as the play money has run out ๐Ÿ™ doesnt always work and sometimes ends up with me owning something id never thought to buy but thats the collecting life ๐Ÿ™‚

        My 0.0002 (inflation adjusted)

  6. Congratulations on getting what you went for!
    Very interesting to see, and watch.
    By the way…shoot the Swede and tells me it’s a $100 rifle. lol

  7. Much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed that video.

    I love Ianโ€™s enthusiasm and excitement here.

    And big ups for being honest and revealing that Rock Island sponsored your bid. It would have been easy never to mention that part.

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