Help us fund a high-speed camera!

Thanks to everyone! We hit the full $13,000 goal, and I have placed an order for an Edgertronic high speed camera! It should arrive in 3-4 weeks. The campaign will still run until the 17th (IndieGoGo rules; I can’t end it early), and if you would like to contribute between now and then I certainly won’t object – any additional funds at this point will be put towards miscellaneous expenses of running the site (gas, ammo, extra batteries and SD cards, etc).


    • A couple issues with that type – first, it appears to do only 256 x 256 resolution and in greyscale. Second, it requires wall-socket power and a special type of video output. The Edgertronic saves in a directly usable format to an SD card, and can be powered by a 12V cigarette lighter outlet.

  1. I’m presiding over the collapse of a foreign military training program at the moment, watching the revenue evanesce… revenue against which I’ve already generated considerable expenses, including travel to site. (Real glad I flew coach instead of the business class they said they’d reimburse me, since my odds of being reimbursed are nearing zero). Still, Nate’s post suggests that I can kick in something regardless of my temporary lack of “play money.” Consider it done.

    After all, I want to see this.

  2. Only $250 to go for the Edgertronic and 19 days to do it on! I am glad your campaign is going so well. I take it you are too!

  3. Congrats! $95 ‘over budget’ and still 17 days to go.
    Any additional acquisitions planned already? Or an upgrade on the equipment?
    Can’t wait to see [sic!] what comes up next 😉

    • I don;t have anything else specific in mind – and I don’t want to push my luck with another high-dollar item. 🙂 Extra money at this point will be happily accepted, and put towards whatever expenses come up in the course of running the site.

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