Heading out for Europe!

Well, I’m happy to say that the Forgotten Weapons crew here is flying out tomorrow morning for a 3-week trip through France, Belgium, and England. We are going to be visiting a bunch of great collections, and getting to examine and shoot some guns that you just can’t find in the US. We’ll be touring the Musee de Armee in Paris, the Belgian War Museum, the NFC in Leeds (aka the Pattern Room), the FN factory in Herstal, and a number of private gun collections. We’ll also be attending the huge gun show in Ciney, and hopefully we can find some good

I don’t know if we’ll have internet access everywhere, so our email responsiveness may be a bit slower than normal. However, I’ve written and scheduled some cool material for the duration of the trip, so there will still be something new for you every day.

Paratroopers en route to Normandy
Hopefully we will have more flight amenities, and a friendlier reception on arrival in France


  1. If you find any guns you want to bring back I can use my type 8 FFL and import them for you cost free. You’ll just have to cover the duties/customs fees.
    Dean from Idaho

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