Gun Show and Auction This Weekend…

Well, today is the start of Rock Island’s auction – best of luck to everyone who is bidding on items! I have one thing in my own sights, which I hope to make use of for the web site here if I can manage to win it. I guess we’ll find out shortly!

This weekend is also the big Small Arms Review show in Phoenix, which is a great show that I haven’t missed in many years. I’ll be up there for the weekend looking for cool things, so say hi if you run into me!

One other update that is less exciting; I regret to say that I was not able to organize a calendar for this year. Just had too many other things going on, and it slipped through the cracks. I have had a number of people ask about them, and I apologize.


  1. I met you on Friday amidst the frenzy of opening hour. Pretty cool to meet a “gun celebrity”. I told my fiance that it was like meeting Kim Kardashian in her world haha. Anywho….did you score anything at the show or auction?

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