The Spreewerke VG-2 is a rather unusual design, being a bolt action rifle with a stamped receiver. The receiver is a flat piece of 1.8mm sheet steel rolled into a “U” shape, with a simple bushing for a front trunnion a similar rear bushing as a bolt guide.  The barrel is a repurposed Luftwaffe machine gun barrel, held in place by a crosspin through the trunnion and receiver. The bolt is a simple but typical design, with two locking lugs at the front and the bolt handle acting as a third lug.

The sights are very crude, as with all Volkssturm weapons. The front sight is a simple hooded blade held in place with a pin, and the rear sight just a piece of rod milled flat with a notch. Two round wings hold the rear sight in place, and it can be drifted side to side with a hammer and punch. The trigger mechanism is made of stampings, and held together by pins. The safety is a very simple pivoting lever that blocks travel of the trigger when engaged.

As with the VG-1, the VG-2 used a standard G43/K43 10-round magazine, held in place by a basic latch. While these magazines are technically detachable, Volkssturm units would not have been issued spare magazines, and they would have to be reloaded manually (the top of the receiver is not open like a Mauser, so stripper clips could not be used).


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  1. Seems ideal for home brew… Ian, have you come across any more info, or maybe even blueprints of this weapon since you published this article? I can’t find much about it elsewhere. I know you and gunlab have been messing around with other volksturm designs, but this really looks like it could be fun.

  2. Why don’t most firearm companies manufacture stamped-steel bolt action rifles? This one looks pretty and a lightweight innovation.

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