German Infantry Weapons (World War II)

A little while back, we posted a US military booklet on Japanese Infantry Weapons from WWII, and today we have a similar booklet on German Infantry Weapons of WWII (also thanks to our friend Hrachya). In addition to the standard small arms (Luger, Walther, Mauser K98k, MP40, MG34, MG42), this 200-page pamphlet also includes descriptions and information on hand grenades, ammo, and antitank weapons. There are some guns in here that you might not have seen much information on, like the PzB-39 anti-tank rifle, all the way up to small and large artillery.

3.7cm PAK AT gun
3.7cm PAK AT gun

The section on ammunition is also useful for folks interested in German World War II weaponry, as it includes pictures and translations of a bunch of ammo box labels.

German WWII ammo

It’s a large file (200 pages, 55MB), but fun to page through. You can download the complete booklet here:

German Infantry Weapons of World War 2 (English, 1943)
German Infantry Weapons of World War 2 (English, 1943)

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  1. An interesting thing I found in this booklet is that Pz.B 39’s falling block action is being worked by moving the pistol grip !

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