Forgotten Weapons: State of the Channel 2018

Thanks to all my viewers (and readers), new and old alike! I have some really exciting plans for 2018, and I’m happy to have you all along with me for them! This year I will be traveling to South Africa and France to film, touring American battlefields of World War One, writing a reference guide to French rifles, and posting a video every day. InRangeTV with Karl and I will be collaborating with Indy Neidell and a bunch of other great channels to help create the biggest documentary on World War Two ever made. There will be more shooting matches, more book reviews, more history, more mechanics, and more odd and unusual guns like you have become accustomed to.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Ian, keep up the good work. If you need to take on sponsors to work on a project I for one would not be bothered. I think we all understand that you spend a lot of money and time on Forgotten Weapons and if you can find a non political sponsor who will not interfere with your freedom to pick your subjects then that’s just fine.

  2. There you are, even I’ve finally given you some money now I can assuming it wasn’t a Nigerian Prince. “So I thank my previous sponsor/s: Fairly sure someone said they paid twice for me; assuming that was true.” it was awhile ago*

    *= No refunds, he he.

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  3. Prospect of FW channel seem to be bright as implies from Ian’s message and that is good news. I hope he will be able to accomplish tasks he stated for himself. On our side we continue to produce a tremendous amount of chatter. 🙂

    In my personal view I like to see, as Ian pointed out, also parts of “cultural history”. Historical references are unavoidable and helpful to set things into proper context. I intend to proceed, with my humble additions to discussions, the way I did in past, while avoiding sliding into tricky minefield of politics. This is channel about technology primarily. I am hoping to be able to produce my small monetary contribution as I did in past years. All the best to channel, all the best to Ian and his friends personally. See you on FWs!

  4. If you are headed for France, see if you can locate the exact site of Sgt. York’s legendary event. I have seen a couple of photos, but they don’t show much. It would be interesting to see what it looks like today. A housing development, perhaps?

  5. Ian; Happy New Year and all the best for 2018 ! Looks like you’re going to be really busy in this new year. Enquiring minds have to ask … was that your entire collection of battledress shirts ? The other vexing question is how many viewers actually noticed your wardrobe changes ?

  6. “(…)World War One(…)”
    Incidentally I found potentially interesting weapon design of that era, namely British Blanch-Chevallier
    it used .577/450 Martini-Henry blank cartridge and throws Mills bomb (look at muzzle – there is feature to grab spoon of bomb).
    I found it interesting as it has build-in feature to make recoil milder, see 3rd photo from top.

  7. Ian,
    Do you think that you (or anyone else ) will ever be able to get into the
    French military museum that has the prototypes from the Mauser factory and
    a 1923 Thompson and many other interesting guns?

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