Forgotten Weapons Gift Material, From Patches to Carbines!

You can find the WWSD 2020 rifle, WWSD Civil Defense Rifle, and KP-15 lower receivers at Brownells.

Books are available from Headstamp Publishing.
(Note that while you can pre-order my book on Chinese Warlord Pistols, those orders will not ship until the Warlord books are delivered – which will be after Christmas)

And all the Forgotten Weapons merch is available at the Forgotten Weapons Shop.

Don’t want to buy anything, but want to help support Forgotten Weapons this season? You can become a Patron at Patreon or subscribe on Floatplane.



  1. OMG Ian – please take down the sold out ad for the Heat vest! Do you get how angry people are about it? I didn’t buy one, but the people who did are pretty pissed!

  2. Where is the article on the M1 Garand 7th. round stoppages.. I can’t find it on your search engine.

    I’m already on your email list

  3. Will there be a small booklet with updates etc on “from chassepot to famas”? I already have the book, but a PDF with added info would be nice. An article about the Meunier A6 was the thing I really missed in the book.

  4. For what it’s worth, I have a CDR that I have put aprox 1k rounds through, it is indeed full of yummy pew pew pew goodness,
    I imagine the full on WWSD2020 is even better

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