For Sale: Gras M14 Conversion, Hotchkiss Universal kit, Yugo M92 Krink kit

I have a couple things up for sale, if anyone is interested. Prices include shipping; only for sale in the US (and only where legal in the US). Email me at if you want any of them! Payment by USPS money order. I will add cash to any of these in trade for a French RSC-1917 semi auto rifle, if you happen to have one!

1. French Gras M14 Conversion, in 8mm Lebel. This is a Model 1874 Gras rifle that went through the 1880 updates and then was rebarreled to 8mm Lebel in 1914. These conversions were made to allow new Lebel rifles to go to the front lines, while guards and other rear line troops could be armed with the older single shot rifles, while still using the standard ammunition. This rifle also has a black enamel finish and an “N” converted chamber, indicating that it was still in military inventory in the 1930s. It appears to have been brought back from WWII by a US vet, as it has a “duffel cut” receiver (the cut is nicely hidden under the rear barrel band). Bolt and stock serial numbers match, but the barrel number does not. Bore is dark, but with strong rifling. Original holy water plug is intact in the stock, although the stock cartouche is too worn to be legible. A really cool example of WWI production desperation in the French military. Can chamber and fire Prvi Partisan 8mm Lebel, although one should exercise care, as this is still an old black powder receiver and single locking lug bolt.

You can see this exact gun in this video – I have since bought one that is not duffel cut, and this one is now an extra that I don’t need. Antique; no FFL required. $750.


2. Hotchkiss Universal parts kit. This is the really cool French transformers carbine (see my video here). I had been collecting parts to build one, and then found a complete gun for sale, so I bought it. Now I have an extra parts kit that I don’t need. It includes everything except the recoil spring, which you should be able to adapt from another tube gun SMG like a Sten. It does have the small parts that are often missing – the rear sight and bolt handle. The magazine well is the style with a flat spring instead of a lever. The bore is very good, although the nose piece is frozen to the barrel – a bit of penetrating oil should free it up. The firing pin is intact, and the firing mechanism works. The buttplate is a bit bent. Includes one slightly rusty magazine, as long as it’s legal where you have me mail it.

These guns were originally selective fire, but from a closed bolt. This makes semiauto conversion far simpler than most SMGs, because there is no need to drill out fixed firing pins or add hammers or strikers. In fact, there are really easy guns to build for anyone with some experience in this field. I will include a set of detailed photos of my complete commercially-sold semiauto one, showing what changes were made for the conversion. $1600. Sold, pending funds.

3. Yugoslav M92 “Krink” AK parts kit. This is from a rifle built in 2003, and then demilled – it’s not a virgin kit. This means that things like the gas port, extractor relief, and various barrel pin holes – and most significantly, the headspacing – have already been cut. Most M92 kits were unassembled, which added a lot more work to a build. This kit is all matching and complete, including even an M92-specific rivet set. All it needs is a receiver and a tax stamp. Okay, and a magazine. Chambered for 7.62×39, uses standard mags. It’s in excellent shape, and will make someone a beautiful and very handy little carbine. $1200.


  1. Ian
    Back when I was a Title 2 manufacture, I built 6 semi-Hotchkiss 9mm’s. I think about 12 years ago. It was quite the project. I took a couple to Knob Creek, Ky. and shot them. Neat little “folding” 9mm carbines. Four of the ones we made, were for friends….and the other’s were sold.
    The receiver was not easy to produce….lots of machining operations. As it has too many specs for all its features: collapsing barrel (into the receiver), folding stock that latches, folding magazine housing, magazine that slides in the magazine housing. I think that the French Army made it as complicated as possible… many have said…TOO MANY “BELLS AND WHISTLES!!”.

  2. How is the chanch of getting the photos and detailed info without buying your kit? (hotchkiss universal)
    I have two of these kits now and would be willing to compensate you for your trouble.
    Thanks, Gary

    • One resourceful strategy for getting something of zero marginal cost is to just go ahead and make a donation (of whatever amount it’s worth to you) to be followed up by a …

      ” … oh, … and by the way … “

  3. If the sale of the hotchkiss universal did not go through, I would be very interested in getting it.

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