Final Prices: RIA December 2018 (#75)

As usual, I have a recap today of the final prices of the guns I filmed from the most recent Rock Island auction (December 2018; #75). There were a few guns here that people got very nice deals on, but also a lot of guns that sold for more than I would have expected.


  1. Ian,
    Beretta 38/42 SMG for 57.5K? It was nice but that’s quadruple normal value. Anything I am missing?
    FAMAS for 43K

  2. The Styer MP34 was mysterious removed from sales at noon on the day it was to go on the auction block. Something unheard of!

      • Interestingly enough, many people say “styer” (with -s- and beginning, not -sh-). It does not bother me a bit, I am used to it. It gets boring to teach people foreign words, they will keep saying it their way anyway.

        • This only confirm I was feeling already: English language is flawed* design. But this is more: attempt of corruption of foreign word.
          Though this case is not worst as distance between “Styer” and Steyr is equal 2.
          (yes, there exist such thing as distance between words and it has own name: Levenshtein distance and is useful when automatically dealing with words breakers)

          * consider for example following country – resident pairs:
          1. Spain -> Spaniard
          2. France -> Frenchman
          3. Germany -> German
          4. Poland -> Pole
          No convergence at all, no way to say which is correct form without table.
          To better imagine, what would happen if I know 1.) and try to use it against rest? I would get Franecard, Germaynard and Poladnard. If I know 3.) and try to use it against rest I would get Spai, Franc, Polan. And now most pronounced case: if I know 4.) and try to use it against rest I would get Equator, Tropic and Arctic Circle.

          • You are into linguistics, huh?!
            Me too, but at more modest scale. I always enjoy hearing when someone deals with me in terms of “second” language. I briskly tell them back: “sorry, fourth”. They are typically not ready for it 🙂
            Knowing at least couple of them has a deeper meaning; it is way more than just tongue – it is knowing soul of other people and verifying your own.

  3. Keep in mind that the CMP wants $1250 for a 308 M1 and Fulton Armory (the only new production M1 maker I am aware of) wants even more. The provenance is the source of less than half the value.

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