Final Prices: Morphy’s Fall 2018 Auction

As usual, I have a recap today of the final prices of the guns I filmed from the most recent Morphy’s auction (Fall 2018). One of the things I noticed here is an opportunity for people interested in some of the big tripod-mounted early heavy machine guns. They aren’t cheap my most standards, but compared to other NFA registered machine guns, they are a tremendous value for the money. Many of these guns – things like the Maxim, Vicker, Schwarloze, Hotchkiss – are magnificently engineered guns that were true queens of the battlefield in their day. But they are old, heavy, and cumbersome (not to mention typically not highlighted in movioes and video games), and not so popular these days. Definitely an opportunity for the machine gun connoisseur, in my opinion.


  1. “Vicker”

    Not again. It is Schwarzlose, what that man has done that so many attempt to corrupt his name? It is cause by some U.S. laws, like that which cause Deringer to turn into derringer, or what?

    “not so popular these days”
    This reminded me about old song, dating yet back to 1941:
    (lyrics in description)
    it is about Maxim machine gun and gunner, which name is also Maxim.
    Also, if you do not understand, you can see that clip for photos.

      • ” it’s Jerman.”
        No, this explanation do not work.
        Wilhelm Mauser
        Hugo Schmeisser
        Edmund Heckler
        Theodor Koch
        are also German designers, but their names are generally left not corrupted.
        So what Herr Schwarzlose have done to be treated so?

        • Dear Daweo,
          I can see very clearly you do not live in North America (although your Englese is impeccable).
          If you did live here you’d find that nearly ANY and EVERY foreign (e.I. non-Aglosaxon) name gets habitually screwed up. Way of life; I got used to it long time ago. That’s why I call myself Denny 🙂

          • Willingly or not I must accept that some quirks of U.S.A. will remain unknown for me. One little but annoying is that, maybe you would known answer:
            32nd president of USA was Delano
            36th president of USA was Baines
            33rd president of USA was ?

  2. I would have thought that the “U Boat Line Thrower” question was pretty thoroughly settled by the documents in the comments section of your original article.

    • Unfortunately, Ian does not seem to have the time to read these discussions regularly any more. I suppose it is the inevitable consequence of his videos’ popularity and the very fast pace he releases them.

    • Many Finnish Maxim M/32-33 guns were warehoused for defense of coastal artillery forts until quite recently, and some might still be. The last fixed coastal gun turrets are to be decommissioned in 2020, so that will be the end of their military use in Finland at the latest. Fixed coastal artillery has been slowly phased out during the last ten years, so the exact status of the weapons attached to them is not currently clear in open sources.

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