Final Prices: Morphy’s April 2019 Auction

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Today we are looking at the results from the Morphy’s April 2019 sale to see what happened with the guns that I featured in videos over the last few weeks…


  1. This review leaves me with sobering realization when we comment(ed) on various weapons aspects during introduction. Are these prices so elevated because the person who introduces them? 🙂

    Seriously though, level of valuation for the artillery pieces is not that high, given all they entail part of their historical value.

    • I think there’s a really good three and probably four way symbiosis there,

      We get to see some incredibly interesting guns, and to learn about their history and technical side from Ian (and have fun discussing them).

      The Auction houses get some extra depth in their descriptions, and hopefully a lot more bidders.

      Interested people get a heads up

      And hopefully the sellers get a good return, and return that’s far better than “doing the right thingtm and handing it in to the pigs cops to be destroyed.

      We’ve had some absolutely amazing guns, especially the ones from the Sturgis collection.

      The auction house

    • “all they entail part of their historical value.”
      This is also true for Krushchev’s shotgun. Not only because it was owned by man which has impact of history of 20th century and also have quite… colorful speeches sometimes, like for example in 1959 said:
      But just now I was told that I could not go to Disneyland. I asked: ‘Why not?’ What is it, do you have rocket-launching pads there? I do not know.

      And just listen — just listen to what I was told — to what reason I was told. We, which means the American authorities, cannot guarantee your security if you go there.

      What is it? Is there an epidemic of cholera there or something? Or have gangsters taken over the place that can destroy me? Then what must I do? Commit suicide? This is the situation I am in — your guest. For me the situation is inconceivable. I cannot find words to explain this to my people.
      but also as example of… prolongation of czarist-era traditions (when hunting was popular sport among people close to czar), even if officially this era in history of Russia (and especially manifesting own class) was condemned.

  2. Interestingly in April 2019, in terms of price Hotchkiss Revolver Cannon take 1st place alongside Pair of Westley Richards 410 Bore Hummingbird Shotguns at $135300 at least according to:
    Interesting tie between utilitarian iron fist of Industrial era and 410 highly decorated shotguns with depictions of delicate animals.
    Anyway, honestly for me these prices are not surprising with exception of Ingram sub-machine guns (M11, M10/9, M10/45) as I always though they were designed to be produced cheaply. While I understand that “collectors prices” are often much above production cost I do not understand that particular case: was one of this gun used in some cult movie and so is highly sought after? I always though that more examples were produced (survived to our days) that .577 revolvers, so it should be less rare, however maybe I am wrong?

    • Now I noticed I wrongly read .577 revolver price. My fail. However I am still wondering about M11, M10/9 and M10/45 relation between “collector” price and production cost.

      • There’s the small matter that in America, there are no new registrations for full auto allowed.

        It’s a classic bootleggers and baptists situation

        The bootleggers are the current owners of full autos who do not want any new registrations to dilute the prices of $10k+ stens.

        And the baptists are the prohibitionist gun control crowd, who don’t want anyone to have a gun.

        Yeah, legal full auto prices in America are amazing.

        Illegal prices? Goodness only knows.

  3. Is there supposed to be a link to the book pre-order web page in the sentence describing it?

  4. I am more of a shooter than collector but am always interested in the price these weapons demand.
    Thanks for all of your videos.

  5. Repeal the Hughes Amendment and we could once again have the freedom to use our skills to build our parts kits. The high prices on full auto are 100% artificial inflation brought by government infringement.

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