Final Prices: James D Julia Spring 2018 Auction

As usual, I have a recap today of the final prices of the guns I filmed from the most recent Julia auction (spring of 2018). Once again, I focussed on machine guns, as well as high end sporting arms and Civil War rifles.

This was the last auction being held in Maine by James Julia, as the company has been merged with the Morphy auction company. I will be continuing my working relationship with Morphy, so you will see me filming firearms there in a few months. My thanks to everyone at Julia for so many wonderful years!


  1. Honestly I have 0 interest in paying full price for Authentic weapons. If a well manufactured functionally identical piece is available I would greatly prefer that, if it is manufactured equally as well or better than the original. I also don’t care about the original caliber as long as the replacement caliber provides a similar experience in recoil and trajectory. Obviously this isn’t practical with many machine guns, but as much as I’d like to shoot some fully automatic I have very little interest in owning such a firearm.

  2. First half of the second paragraph was way too scary, second half put my heart back at ease. Ian is there somewhere we can shoot an email or leave a comment thanking James D Julia for allowing you to bring us so much good content? As well as somewhere to thank Morphy for the continued opportunity?

  3. the high prices on full auto is exactly why you will never see the 1986 ban on new registrations changed. there is too much money to be lost if a sten gun suddenly costs what it’s actually worth, instead of the inflated prices everything class 3 has now.

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