Fedorov video

When I first saw a Fedorov, I thought it would be a pretty sweet rifle to recreate as a ForgottenWeapons project. I made that suggestion, and was immediately shot down. As it turns out, the literature and descriptions of the Fedorov don’t show just how complex of a machining project they really are. One of the other guys here has had the chance to strip one down and reassemble it, and he was a bit more realistic about making a modern reproduction of one (which is to say, we won’t be – at least not any time soon).

Anyway, while going through some old data recently, I stumbled on this video footage of the disassembled Fedorov. That’s something you don’t see every day, so I figured it would be good to post. If we ever get the chance to do it again, we’ll add some more commentary and take it out for some test firing as well. But I don’t know when that might be, so here’s what we have in the meantime:

There is more information and some photos on the Fedorov page in the Vault, and you can download an original Russian Fedorov manual from the Original Manuals page.


  1. Well,
    This is rare but not a very impressive weapon design…
    Not bad for collection archives but this gun never have much impression on me..
    Maybe you have japanese type 100 smg stuff,those are quiet rare firearms and very unique in design…
    Any detailed information on Type 100 smg would be very interesting..

  2. this is a very interesting rifle, and design. if you get any more information on this i would like to know. thank you for the video and pictures and manual. this has ben a great help for building a model replica.

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