Features: Full Auto FAMAS F1 vs Semiauto MAS 223

Since I happen to have simultaneous access to both a military-pattern F1 FAMAS and also a civilian semiautomatic MAS-223, I figured it would be nice to compare them side by side and see how they differ. A number of changes were made for the civilian semiauto rifles, including:

– Rifle grenade capability
– Bayonets
– Stock recoil buffer
– Fire control mechanism
– Muzzle device
– Night sights
– Markings


  1. Civilian bayonet – gimme a break. Sortir les couteaux! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw., a small omission – where is the blood groove? Are/were French enemies bloodless? That could be taken as an offence!

      • If grass grows too tall use machete ๐Ÿ™‚

        Let me give a fleeting thought to this “non-military calibers”. This rule applies also in Italy and elsewhere. I suspect it was intended to prevent military ammo warehouses ‘sapping’. Without it could happen that in time of need soldiers would be left with nothing to shoot. Just my guess.

        • More to hobble domestic terrorists like the Brigada Rossa in Italy and regular criminals in general. In France the corsican terrorists/freedom fighters (depends whom you ask) were quite active. And on the other side to keep quartermasters from selling ammunition through the backdoor.

        • If thats true, then its absolutely obsolete rationale in regards to pistols. Because no military wages its wars with them.

    • There is no such thing as a blood groove! There are fullers meant to lighten a blade without compromising its strength.

      By the way bayonets are a civilian invention. They were invented by boar hunters in the Basque region of France, allegedly around the town of Bayonne.

      • Im puzzled mildly who historically come up with such stupidity and name. Was it the blade smiths, or users.

      • Fantastic name for knives! I find there are many anglicisms in modern Russian language, not just in computer/ communication related terms.
        The prices are rather steep btw.
        I have one Kershaw and one under name “Cold Steel” made in Japan. They are indestructible. The second in made of three different layers rolled into one blade. Both is legal length of course.

  2. Excellent video, like always.

    Still, I respectfully disagree with you, Ian, when you say that 300 FAMAS 222 were built. They have made 1000 of them and a friend of mine has the one bearing serial number 1000 (I have shot it once).

    Best regards from France ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Here in France I believe it was more to prevent people buying ammo for illegally acquired military weapons. A left over law concerns the 8mm lebel anybody over 18 can buy a lebel rifle cat.(D2’antique) however to buy smokeless powder loads you must belong to a gun club or have a hunting licence. But anybody over 18 can buy black powder loaded cartriges for this rifle

    • “…to prevent people buying ammo for illegally acquired military weapons…”(c)

      Call a spade a spade.
      There should be “so that the military does not trade in stolen ammunition.” ๐Ÿ™‚

      In general, cartridges are not important (if this is the truth about forced vaccination in France), the French will soon also masturbate to Airsoft, like the Japanese. LOL

      There is a good saying
      “If a person died, it will be for a long time.
      If a person is an idiot, this is forever.”(C)

  4. According to the manual the grenade sights are for inderect fire. Otherwise it seems the iron sights are used. But how to use the iron sights with a grenade? Am I misreading something?

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