Excellent New Premium Members’ Benefit

I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a new benefit item to the Forgotten Weapons Premium Member program! Rock Island Auctions is offering us a great discount on their catalogs. If you’ve seen their catalogs, you’ll already know what great reading material they are – a Premier Auction catalog is typically two (sometimes three) volumes of glossy color photography (that’s thousands of extraordinary guns). Of course, the reason they print these is to help get people to bid on the guns…but the sort of guns that show up at these auctions are things you often won’t see elsewhere often if at all, and the catalogs make a great resource for later study. I know more than a few serious collectors who have whole shelves of past RIA catalogs. Best of all, RIA evolved from a business that started out doing professional photograph development, and they know how to take good photographs, and cover all the important details of particularly rare specimens.

The week that catalogs go out is always a great time to browse through – drool over the guns that you’d buy if you won the lotto and search out the ones that are more in line with your budget and your particular collecting interests. And now, Premier Auction catalogs are now available to members for 50% off, either for single auctions or for a full year’s subscription. In addition, regional auction catalogs are now available to Members for just a flat $5 shipping cost. That’s a great savings – a year’s subscription will more than pay for your Membership cost:

Single Premier Premier Subscription Regional only (b/w)
US $60 $165 $35
US – Forgotten Weapons Member $30 – $30 savings! $82.50 – $82.50 savings! $5- $30 savings!
Non-US $75 $210 N/A (US only, sorry)
Non-US Forgotten Weapons Member $37.50 – $37.50 savings! $105 – $105 savings! N/A (US only, sorry)

If you’ve been putting off joining the Premium Member program, this is a great reason to sign up today! The cost is just $50/year, and in addition to this new great discount from Rock Island, membership also entitles you to:

  • $100 off a semiauto FG-42 from SMG Guns
  • 10% off shirts from 1791 Apparel
  • 15% off refinishing work from Hydro-Print Services
  • Access to the members-only discussion forum (which is also where you will find the instructions for using the above discounts)
  • The pleasure of knowing that you help to keep Forgotten Weapons running every day!

Join the other folks who have taken the step of becoming Premium Members, and join in today! It’s easy to do through PayPal (no PayPal account required):

Premium Membership

Don’t like using PayPal? I am happy to accept cash, checks, money orders, or silver (1oz government-minted .999 or $2 face value of pre-65 coinage). Email me at admin@forgottenweapons.com for details and a mailing address.



  1. Call me a masochist, but knowing now that I can pay dues in silver, I can’t wait for them to come around again next year. Sounds like fun!

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