The Mauser 1912/14 automatic pistol was the final stage of a dead-end development track for a military sidearm in 9mm Parabellum made by Mauser. The program began as a plain blowback pistol in 1909, which did not work effectively, and was replaced by a series of different locked or semilocked systems culminating in this, the 1912/14. The same 1909 design was also the basis for a parallel development track that resulted in the smaller .25 and .32 caliber Mauser pocket pistols, which were quite successful. I had the opportunity to examine a 1912/14 model thanks to Rock Island Auctions (although I couldn’t shoot or disassemble it).



  1. I have a 10/14 of my own’ dantzig police model with wwII german officer holster (taken for the former owner after Dantzig fell.
    pretty neat little pistol, accurate for its size and initial purpose compared to the ruby pistol for exemple..
    Nice attempt but looking at mine it seems rather obvious that the design just isn’t made for 9mm luger.
    Very nice video, I’ve wanted to post for quite some time to thank you for your amaizing work, if you guys ever were to stop by in Fance, I’d be bappy to show you a few articles.
    keep on the quality work, cheers !

  2. I did once have a .32 Mauser, amazing for a restrictive regime like Australia. I swapped it with a Harrington and Richardson Handigun, short 410 with pistol grip. The Mauser had a burn area on one grip. The guy wanted the 410 to shoot crows. Had to sell the Mauser years ago, regret I did not keep it but needed the money at the time.

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