DSA’s Modernized Mini-RPD at the Range

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Today I am at the range with one of DSA’s mini-RPDs. The RPD is a nearly 80-year-old design (doesn’t that make you feel old!) and a really good candidate for modernization. DSA made a whole bunch of improvements – new dual-spring recoil system, fluted barrel, solidly fitted handguard with a nice repeatable optics mount, and adapters to use SAW belt bags. I will be doing a short series on the whole RPD modernization program at DSA, but here’s a short range teaser until that is ready…


  1. Oh well. Really have enjoyed your videos the past several years. I understand needing funds to keep going but I just can’t afford it. I’ll miss the videos.

    • I am paying for you “Approx” it’s fine; your covered. “That doesn’t cover anyone else mind” get your hands in your pockets skint cnuts; spending all your cash on Porn/Hub – Onlyfans, may I suggest Nikky Dandelion (This is not a paid endorsement) do you have to say that in the U.S? Seem to remember seeing it in guns and ammo mags in the 90’s for boots, chewing tabacco and shit. I thought living in the U.S must be ace then; hunting stuff with giant pistols etc as a teenager. How times, change; he he!

    • Yes, the RPD isn’t in 5.56mm. I saw one at Knob Creek one year. The shooter was amazed at the serious question my brother and I were asking him about technical weapon things! Seemed like he sold it, I don’t think he worked for DSA!

      • 7.62x39mm Is better, more power… Light gun; well ok, better than a 5.56mm belt fed via more power? Yes, I would say. No it is not a gpmg, nor an uncontrollable full auto 7.62 Ak. Nice.

        U.S Vietnam folk liked it apparently.

        • “7.62x39mm Is better, more power…(…)”
          Most notably it has greater reach. 5,56×45 mm is lacking for use in machine gun-like weapon as evidenced by development of https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/6%C3%9745mm_SAW
          Also aside from that 5,56×45 mm has much different geometry than 7,62×39 thus mutilating RPD to use it might be not trivial. If you need cartridge with lesser recoil impulse which would be more similar geometry-wise consider using 5,6×39 mm.

  2. The flutes do NOT pull the heat up off the barrel.

    They give more surface area for the barrel to cool.

    Basic physics, dude.

    • “Oh I see Mankini banned on Youtube well that is shocking.” Progress they call it, he he. Well an Rpd, original… Did the job, whats not to like 7.62x39mm – Good gun.

  3. It’s the Mankini of an Ak… Think of your favourite girl as oppose gun jesus if you want; forced into a mankini for all our sins, see it works; the Rpd, whats not to like. Viet Cong, meh; good gun.

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