Chauchat Challenge Ep.3: Jari Laine of Varusteleka – now on HOWW

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Sign up for a free one-week trial of the History of Weapons & War app, and check out our third episode of the Chauchat Challenge! Today Jari Laine, Finnish reservist and CEO of Varusteleka (the best outdoor and military supply company) tries his hand at the Chauchat.

My Chauchat here is actually stamped as property of the Finnish Army, and has Finnish-improved sights. Will this convey a secret genetic advantage for Jari? Can he beat Administrative Results? Will Kollaa hold?

Head over to HOWW and find out!


    • You give me idea for Gedankenexperiment, in match between two competitors let each other select weapon for other. To avoid blatant sabotage assume each will be furnished with weapon as it left factory. What would you select for you opponent.

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