Griswold & Gunnison: The Best Confederate Revolver Makers

October 21, 2017 Ian McCollum 8

Standard: Presentation: Iron frame: Griswold and Gunnison were rather unique among Confederate revolver manufacturers for their ability to actually create a reliable and high quality product and produce it on a regular […]


Failed Gun Yoga: The Fagnus Revolver

April 19, 2017 Ian McCollum 13

Produced by Alexandre Fagnus of Liege, this is a military style, six-shot, .450 caliber revolver with a particularly interesting and unusual unloading mechanism. The rear half of the trigger guard is a lever which can […]


Guns in the Movies (Video)

February 10, 2017 Ian McCollum 23

Today we have not so much an examination of a specific firearms, but rather a look at how Clint Eastwood’s film portrayal of Dirty Harry Callahan drove a huge wave of popularity of the Smith […]