Cannon Shooting Compilation: 20mm to 76mm

The end of the year means I am going to take a moment for a bit of a retrospective, this time on the cannons that have appeared on Forgotten Weapons over the years. From 20mm up to 76mm, let’s enjoy some properly big guns!

Complete videos on each cannon featured here:

1. Inkunzi PAW

2. Solothurn S18-1000

3. Lahti L39

4. Krupp 50mm Mountain Gun

5. US M3 AT Gun

6. Bofors 37mm AT Gun

7. German Pak 40

8. T124E2 76mm High Velocity AT Gun

9. Sherman M4 w/ 76mm Main Gun



  1. Now we’re talking… as Ian goes way over usual limits. This is a blitz. Bravo!

    This is my “cup of coffee”!

  2. Great to include the ‘pre-hydraulic’ Krupp mountain gun. I remember reading in something about the Winter War that the Finns were using VERY old field guns; of which it was said: ‘You needed two spotters, one to see where the shell went, and one to see where the gun went.’

  3. Hey I tried to buy one of those shell shaped thermos’s and they were sold out..Also,told they won’t make any more. Can you reconsider this and get some more? I would really like to have one as I am sure many others would like one too.

  4. OFF TOPIC: We’ll never get to fire railway guns, as we’d need lots of people, huge projectiles, lots of powder, plenty of primers, lots of tools just for cleaning/servicing the gun, one locomotive, and a stationary concrete target the size of the I-X Center! Just kidding!

  5. Those high-velocity rounds make the Inkunzi a beast! Despite using a smaller projectile than the 40mm, heavier launcher, and recoil-abatement system, it looks like it’s throwing Ian around like a rag doll.

    • The first time I saw that thing, and Ian shooting it, I immediately though “Cyberpunk 2020 C-SWAT weapon”.

      I.e., what you’d use to deal with a fully-metalled-up cyberpsycho at 0200 in Night City.

      Technically speaking, Night City PD Max-Tac would define this as a standard personal weapon. Especially because your typical “metalhead” probably has something at least as serious built into his forearm.



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