Can I Shoot 1 MOA All Day? (Bloke/Polenar Challenge Accepted!)

Bloke on the Range Challenge Video:

Bloke and Žiga have challenged us – and you! – to shoot a 1 MOA group on demand, with a non-benchrest sort of rifle. The idea is that a whole lot of people will happily insist that their regular hunting rifle will quite easily shoot 1 MOA all day long. Well, will it? Prove it! One minute of angle is a pretty impressive standard if you aren’t talking about 3-shot groups, called flyers, do-overs, and mulligans. So let’s see if I can meet the challenge.

I’m using my 8.6 Blackout Fix with Gorilla 300gr subsonic FMJ and a Burris Eliminator 6 scope.

Want to show me up? Grab your phone and your rifle, hit the range and film your own attempt!

Complete rules:


  1. Ian, looks like you need to start the christmas tree challenge based on your first half of the video!

  2. what was the issue with the 6.5 CM that required the removal and reinsertion of the magazine on its first run?

  3. I am very pleased to see someone challenging the “1 MOA” mantra.
    By the way, this is a real challenge. A 10 shot group is on the average 24 percent larger than a 5 shot group.

  4. Not to be misunderstood: requiring 10 shot groups is the absolute minimum.

    If you shoot one 5 shot group, the chance that it represents your actual shooter/ammunition/weapon capability is only 24 percent.

    The chance for a misleading group is 76 percent. It will be either better (33 percent) or worse (43 percent) than your real capability.

    The above numbers were obtained from 600000 groups of 5 shots, created from 3 million normally distributed shot coordinates. Average group size 30 mm (1.18″) at 100 m. All groups above 27.5 mm (1.083″) and not exceeding 32.5 mm (1.280″) were considered as representing real capability.

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