C96 “Broomhandle” Mauser

Tuesday is normally a day I get to yakking about some gun-related subject, but I’m pretty beat form a long day and nothing is coming to mind that seems like it would be of interest to anyone. So instead I will leave you with this excellent series of photos of the Mauser 1896 “Broomhandle” pistol, sent to us by reader Roberto. The C96 has a really intricate “we don’t need no skinkin’ pins” trigger mechanism, and these photos show you exactly how it goes together. Thanks, Roberto!

You can download the whole set here (sorry, no high-res available).



  1. and from my personal (1933 C96 “late commercial”) experience: lousy grip, vague trigger and enormous fun to shoot. go get one!

  2. Great slideshow, always wanted to see the guts of the Mauser!

    I’ve also always wondered what one would look like with an old revolver style grip, rather than the uncomfortable looking ‘broomhandle’.

  3. Look out for the hammer bite… But even that’s fun… Love this model, most beautiful gun ever made, The Bolo is the ugliest one….

    • I own a prewar commercial from approximately 1912 or so, and the machining is night and day compared to some wartime models, particularly the commercials.

      They are a blast to shoot, and a marvel of engineering.

  4. I wonder if someone will ever reproduce these. Keep hearing about the machining becoming cheaper, maybe the C96 will get a second chance.

  5. I have a late ’20’s Bolo. It needs lots of TLC but it’s going to get it because these are just too cool for words. There is something special about a pistol that is able to link Churchill and Han Solo… LOL!

  6. Love these guns. One of my friends has what he calls a copy copy copycat. It appears to be a recent Chinese small shop copy of a Chinese copy of a .45 Broomhandle. It appears to function but neither of us have goten up the nerve to actually shoot the thing. It is semi-only. There is no comparison in the tool marks to what you show. Rough is too mild. The price was right and the seller did say he had shot it.

  7. Yes i have a Mauser 1896 Broom Handle pistol…….every place i look is out of the part that im trying to replace for my gun….i had my gun apart and some how lost the (lock bolt) the small square lock …..would appreciate any feedback as to where i can find one…..Thank you so much …..

  8. To Clarify.
    LugerMan Makes Bolt Stops For The Fellow That Lost His.
    LugerMan Also Makes Complete Lugers Fron The Blue Prints Used On The Trials Lugers For U.S. Army Competition When The 1911 Was Adopted.

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