BRP Recreates a Classic: the Stemple-Suomi

When the Stemple STG-76 was designed, it used internal parts from the Finnish kp/31 Suomi submachine gun. Since the whole point of the Stemple was to have a modular and interchangeable gun, it would make sense for BRP to make a version that duplicated the Suomi as closely as possible. This is especially true given that the original Suomi is an excellent SMG with readily available magazines, but very rare to find in the US today.


  1. Taco Bell/K-car theory of design. Take a few basic ingredients and mix them up in a bunch of different ways to get different outcomes.

    Now I want Tacos,

  2. Are we sure that the bolt travel is longer in the STG? The STG plug seems to be thick enough compared to the Suomi plug to negate any advantage from the longer receiver (and possibly more than negate).

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