Book Review: Vickers Guide to the AR-15 Vol 1, SECOND EDITION

When Volume 1 of the Vickers Guide to the AR-15 sold out, Larry Vickers and James Rupley decided not to simply print more copies. Instead, they chose to go back to basics, and massively expand the book. The new Second Edition has *300* pages more photographs and content than the original book, coming in at a total of 648 pages (and featuring more than 100 different rifles). It has more commentary now, from not just Larry but also two new co-authors, Chris Bartocci (of Small Arms Solutions, author of “Black Rifle II” from Collector Grade) and Daniel Watters (of Major additions include a section on AR magazines and an explanation of the M16A2 update program by Lt. Col. (ret) David Lutz, who was at the heart of that program. Also added is a collection of photographs from the estate of Rob Roy, one of the Colt engineers who worked extensively on the AR – his photos show a slew of unusual models, foreign training and demonstrations, and experimental testing.

Overall, this is a massive expansion to a book that was already a great resource. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the early development of the AR-15. If you are into building reproductions of rare models, the photography will be of particular value to you.

Available only from Vickers Guide directly.


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