Book Review: Vickers Guide SIG SAUER, Volume 1

The most recent addition to the Vickers Guide series of books is SIG Sauer Volume 1. This is 460 pages covering SIG’s handguns and submachine guns from it’s very first contract (the Mannlicher 1894 blow-forward pistols) to the recently-adopted M17 and M18 US military handguns and SIG’s other ongoing developments (long guns will be covered in a later second volume). I was a coauthor with Larry Vickers for this book, and we were also joined by Dr. Leonardo Antaris, who is a wealth of information on SIG and contributed a great deal to make the book truly excellent (in my slightly-biased opinion).

The Vickers Guide series have always been designed as glamorous coffee table type books, but the recent AR-15 Volume 1 expansion and this first volume on SIG are starting to blur the line with reference books a bit. They should not be mistaken for academic technical works, but there is quite a lot of detailed information among the gorgeous photography. In the case of SIG handguns and submachine guns, there are very few sources of this sort of information published in English, and this Vickers Guide is actually now the best source for many of the pistols it covers.

The major sections of the book cover the P210/P49 and P220/P75 families of pistols, plus the P320/M17 series. In addition to standard production models, the book has extensive numbers of prototype, preproduction, and developmental examples that we were able to photograph in the SIG factory museum in Neuhausen Switzerland and with Sig Sauer Inc in New Hampshire. We also included a variety of top-end competition models and commemorative models – plus some really remarkable unique guns like the set of M17 pistols made for the Sentinel guards of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. I don;’t think you can find a more comprehensive resource for information on SIG’s handguns, and I know for a fact that there is nothing else remotely as good looking as this book.

Copies are available through or directly from SIG:


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