Book Review: Monster Hunter International

Monster Hunter International is the story of an accountant and 3-gun competitor changing careers and becoming a mercenary hunter of supernatural evil – and who hasn’t had that daydream during a long day in the office? Larry Correia does a great job balancing legit storytelling and detailed realism with tongue-in-cheek humor, creating a book that stylishly cavorts from gunfight to gunfight without reading like typical zombie fiction. It doesn’t hurt that Correia includes some scenes we can all relate to:

It was like a normal group of people having breakfast, but everyone was armed and there was a flamethrower sitting in the corner.

I dunno about you, but I’ve been in rooms like that. Never had to take on a gargoyle with a tire iron, though.

Pick up MHI, or all three books in the series and enjoy!


  1. He also posted recently that there’s an omnibus version of all 3 of the current books on the way. Sometime in the next couple weeks. Hardcover, but it’ll probably be about the same as purchasing all 3 books seperately.

    And he’s nearing the final stages of working on the fourth book, too.

  2. The shotgun in the book is just amazing! mag fed with a silver coated SKS type flip out bayonet for when you absolutely, positively have to kill something!

  3. The books are wonderful. Turn your brain off and enjoy. I’ve read all three in the series and they are all high quality humor, lots of fun, and the gun facts are right on.

  4. As an avid fan of Larry, ok, yeah fanboy, I admit it, you are really in for a treat with the next two books after that one. If you like Audio books. Oliver Wyman did a fantastic job on the audio books. Read/performed the novels brilliantly! I’ve bought other authors stuff just cause Wyman did it.

    And yeah, the books are that good. I’ve been raving about them for years already.

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