Biggest Revolver Yet? A 10-Gauge Colt 1855…

This is Lot 1268 in the upcoming October 2019 Morphy’s Extraordinary auction.

This ludicrously huge handgun is actually a 10-gauge Colt 1855 Revolving Shotgun with a cut-down barrel and a newly made grip frame. The backstop and trigger guard of the shotgun were handily reshaped into a grip frame, and the finished product actually looks nicely proportional – until you try to actually pick it up, of course. .The grip is filled with brass inlay, about a third of which are missing (possibly from the recoil of actually firing?). Despite the rather poor finish condition, the gun cycles smoothly, and appears to be fully functional. Just the thing for someone who wants to make the Colt Walker look puny!


  1. “Biggest iron you can’t carry on your hip” is what I think of this. I doubt anyone would have a holster that big.

  2. I had a holster made for my similarly sized Raging Judge Magnum, so in a shoulder version as I couldn’t find a Sam Brown style hip arrangement. But yes, 6 lb + is the upper limit for conventional carry, so I presume this was more for cavalry use, and there’s a long tradition of oversized (by today’s standard) pistols in saddle holsters.

  3. Something for the Italian replica-makers to pick up and begin producing !

    I wonder how it would feel to actually fire that thing, suspenders would probably be needed

  4. I’d actually love to see a variation on the theme – intact (maybe more compact, but still usable LOP) stock, but keep the short barrel.

    -Safe recoil management for normal-sized humans

    -Might actually hit something

    -Antique, so no NFA!

    Alternatively, since several companies nowadays build sub-18″ barrel modern “weapons” in the “never stocked, so not a ‘shotgun’; over 26″, so not an ‘AOW'” envelope, building one of these to those parameters would be an interesting gimmick. ATF could still say DD, but it might work if they kept it “Fudd” enough. That said, some of the pump “weapons” are styled and marketed for defensive use, and manage to get by.

    • Ian spent about the first minute of the video mentioning that (or similar) handgun-shaped object and explaining the difference between it, and the “actual, functioning, usable .75 caliber revolver” he’s reviewing; then returns (about 3:30) to demonstrating how he can hold, cock, and trigger the Colt while holding it unsupported in one hand.

      • I prefer the Pfeiffer-Zeliska myself for my dino stalking needs. That oversized Remington 1859 is really too big to be held in two hands.

  5. Some notorious gunfighter had ‘six tickets to hell’ embossed on his holster.
    I suspect this guy’s would say ‘five broken wrists.’

  6. Why not just source a Claymore mine, attach a pistol grip, and be done with it? Surely that would be a better solution than this–At least, that way, you would never feel the pain from your broken wrist and shoulder…

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