ArcFlash Labs EMG-02 CoilGun: Making SciFi Weapons Into Reality

ArcFlash Labs has come out with a new coil gun design that takes the best elements of their underpowered EMG-01 and their overly bulky GR-1 Anvil and melded them into a much handier EMG-02. This new design maintains the same muzzle velocity as the Anvil (200-250 fps / 60-75 m/s) but uses smaller projectiles (5/16″ armatures). It is far better handling, with the balance much improved by having a single large capacitor mounted at the rear and a battery directly under the grip. That battery is also now a commercial off-the-shelf rechargeable lithium-ion type.

It’s quite a lot of fun to shoot, and I am excited to see where this technology continues to develop!


  1. And an expanding/contacting barrel maybe; continous rod warhead base design, then you make lots of /\ sections with pins through the apex (The bottoms go, through the rods via holes) then piezo… Those things in electric lighters, put one on each /\ in a method “Could show you in a scribble” anyway, as the circle expands I.e. The continous rod, each “Lighter” is compressed (It is, I have scribbled.) then they charge the capacitors, now you may ask how does it “contract” : Nitinol springs via the electric generated. And normal springs expand it again. Burp.

    Anyway, doing that might do the brass/steel spin thing, more… Possibly.

    Actually that was not meant to be for a coil gun (Was a battery’less diflibrator) in principle via a car air bag… Was not that originally, was a fancy shear liquid armour. Which if you can work that out good look to you; involved pms; a surface wave plastic thing that heats up. (Beyond me; my engineering is limited to banging something with a hammer)

    Aye… So, say a plastic round with a steel section on one side, that was electrified… In some form, would spin maybe; which is why I replied albeit in a long winded and somewhat disconcerted manner to your brass/steel idea; sort of, he he.

    In relation to the plastic steel, one material is a bit different is it; you meant…

    Anyway, electric guns eh; go green, he he. Build more coal plants to provide electric.

    • In the U.S if all/more guns were electric, your electric use would really peak; be more than the U.K for watching Love Island. Which I don’t watch incidentally, but lots do. Need a new nuclear plant in every town; Cleatus is shooting melons, criminals the general population/each other, target shooters, electronic pulse gun ptarmigan hunters etc.

      My problem with green folks who say humans should eat meat less and instead eat beans; because cows fart… Is well they obviously have not ate beans, as we’d all be farting 10 times more than cows.

    • What would expand it initially; er… Not a car air bag… Electric maybe, so like a hybrid probably still need a battery he he. Might use less battery thus… Though overall.

      • Or the normal springs… Anyway, meh play around.

        For a country with folk who have big sheds, there is distinct lack of new electric guns… Apart from the one, we are talking about etc he he. Up the game American shed owners design more coil gun, type things.

  2. (For clarification; in the abscence of a scribble, the continous rod “warhead” looks like a star viewed from the back, and from above; with the /\ it would look like a tube i.e no gaps; so alot of wee triangle things, so alot of piezoelectric thingi ma bobs.

  3. Note to the developers: controls mounted directly to the PCB are doomed to fail quickly.

    Also, proper UI says the user should be able to change modes with just tactile or haptic feedback, without confirming on-screen.

    I find the power bits as projectiles especially amusing, since there was a meme from years back of someone reporting “assault weapon bullets” she found on the ground at the convenience store.

    • People are stupid as they come, anyhow. I’ve had one nosy neighbor attempt to accuse me of terrorism because she caught me sitting in MY OWN BACKYARD with a partially disassembled airsoft pistol while my younger brother was doing archery practice. The cops wrote her accusation off as a nuisance call after putting two and two together. You do the rest.

      On the other hand, Ian’s having way too much fun with this. I could be wrong.

  4. Pretty cool. Would make a great truck gun for the 17 yr old. Not an airgun, can use it in town, not a firearm, don’t have to be 18 to use it. Probably too many lawns to mow for him to get one, though.

    • What would a “phased plasma rifle” actually be, I wonder?

      Why the hell would you call it a “rifle”, unless the plasma stream/cloud/whatever were spun? Why would you need to spin a plasma?

      Phased? Does that imply that the plasma is somehow going through phases as it is being delivered?

      I’ve tried parsing that line from Terminator more than a few times, and I still come up blank. Plasma is pretty much the only thing in that phrase that makes sense, and even that makes me wonder… How the hell would getting hit by a phased plasma hurt you?

      I suppose the “rifle” could be meant to refer to a “shoulder arm”, but… Rifling? WTF? Why?

      I think it’s going to be a long, long time before chemical propellants are finally superseded. And, the transition is going to be prolonged, much as it was for firearms replacing purely mechanical things like bows and ballistas.

  5. Depends on need, he he. It might become very urgent; Computer says blah. Do it, there computer said do there’s.

    And nobody can machine a Roth Steyr, anymore or a 1912 sabre; and say ok have a “civilized scrap” then call it quits.

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