Apex Gun Parts Sale

Apex Gun Parts, one of our longtime sponsors, is having a 4th of July sale, which has already started (I suppose they are pretty excited about Independence Day – and who isn’t?). I took a look through the items they have discounted for the sale, and found a couple in particular that jumped out at me:

Surplus eastern European AK mags (7.62×39), 10 for $90. I have a ton of these, and have had excellent results with them – I have a lot more confidence in military surplus mags than modern made copies (like the South Korean AK mags). Nine bucks each is a great deal – definitely worth grabbing a pack or two to supplement your stash if you have an AK (or several).

Parts kits – they have a bunch of different types. One that I haven’t seen for a long time are M72 (the Yugoslav heavy-barrel AK) kits with intact barrels, for $285. They are very explicit that the barrels are basically trashed, but hey, for a blaster they would probably be just fine. They also have UK-59 kits (no barrels) with slings and belt boxes for $400. Not bad, for someone who wants to build their own or get a set of spares for a professionally-made semiauto or post-sample.

And one last one, just for kicks – random mag pouches 5 for $10. No choice of type, but the photo shows pouches for the HK91, Mosin-Nagant, VZ-58, and a couple types of flare pistols. If you’re like me you probably have a big box of this sort of thing, because they’re just neat. If you’re ordering something else already, why not throw in a set of these?

There are 109 items in all for sale, so head over and take a look – you might find something you didn’t know you couldn’t live without! 🙂

In totally unrelated news, I am hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session over on Reddit this afternoon, from 4-7pm PST. I have no idea what people will ask, but I expect it will be a fun time – if you’re interested, come join us!



  1. UK-59, that old donkey… H.S.(excuse me)! That would be project gun, I tell ya. Unfortunately, I cannot buy it.

    As I understand, the new day miniaturized Czech Army is buying 7.62 Minimi. Main thing is that CZUB gave up on competing in MGs; good for them (both Czechs and FN Herstal).

  2. Does anybody know if Apex ships to Germany? No restricted parts or parts you would need a permit for…

  3. Checked reddit for this just now — not seeing it.

    Might want to try doing this on 4chan’s /k/, I know they were quite interested.

    Be sure to post the Q&A results for the rest of us who missed it.

  4. Heh. Figures I learn about this sale after spending the tax refund that came last Thursday…

    Of course I can’t complain – I ordered a Rock Island Tactical 1911 in .45 ACP and then stumbled on a screaming deal ($225!) for a Remington 700 ADL in .30-06 at the local pawn shop. Otherwise the AK63D or M70B1 parts kits might have been tempting. Ah, well, someday.

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