Anti-Gun Partisan Lawfare? GWACS Sues KE Arms et al.

There have been a lot of questions raised about the ongoing lawsuit between GWACS Armory LLC and KE Arms (plus Brownells, Russell Phagan, Sinistral Shooting Technologies, and Shawn Nealon) – so I figured I ought to contribute my perspective to the conversation as someone who has been aware of the suit since it was first filed.

Here are some references to things I talk about in the video.

AR15 dot com thread showing photos from the CavArms manufacturing:

GWACS public posting that their tool is worn out and they have no remaining inventory:

Russell Phagan’s complete submission to the court, including sales contracts between SST and GWACS:

Reed Oppenheimer political contributions:

Karl’s video on InRange:


  1. While it is interesting to speculate on the motivations for the lawsuit, I personally really cannot tell why they are doing it. Obviously we do not have insight into their minds so have to go in the just the public info, and from that it just does not seem to make sense.

  2. I remember reading somewhere, maybe a Stephenson book, that when a successful business reaches a certain level, they need lawyers.

    Probably got to that level before, but it’s showing quite a bit now. Sorry for everyone named; I agree it’s likely a cash grab.

    • Oh, the follies that some businesses and people do just to make a quick buck. I’ve heard of frivolous suits done for a net total of mere pennies once the lawyer fees were paid off.

  3. I’m confused. If the “A1 length of pull” is GWACS propriety IP, wouldn’t it be called the “GWACS length of pull” instead? If they prevail I’m going to start patenting shoe sizes.

  4. I did an interview with the owner of GWACS, and I guess things changed where he just wants to be the only guy with the stuff. but it was never patented or made sole IP and I think their going to lose in court over this and the KE stuff is great, I own a few along with a couple original CAVALRY ARMS LOWERS.

    • Dudes just jealous he wasn’t able to keep his end going so let’s pray on the fortune of those who are making it work

  5. Lawyering their way to profits. The true sign of an open and free market on which products compete on with their merits against each other.

    (yes, this may contain trace amounts of sarcasmn)

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