Announcing the WWSD2020 Available in Europe!

Want to know more about the rifle itself? Check out the whole playlist of WWSD material on InRangeTV:

I’m very excited that the WWSD2020 rifles are now available in Europe through Brownells’ EU partners! We were planning to make this launch back in 2020, but the IWA trade show was shut down by covid just days before opening. But now, we’re back!

The European version of the rifle is almost identical to the US model, just with a semiauto bolt carrier and no auto sear cut in the upper (these elements are a problem in Germany and a few other EU countries, but not an issue in the US). For CIP countries, the rifles will be proofed in Germany and then distributed out, but they will also ship directly for countries that do not have CIP proofing requirements.


  1. you were in the hood and didn’t stop for rheinmetal visit or a coffee… jesus. I mean Ian. shocking. – I get the export and proofing but… ain’t the cheapest around. could be the lightest though. how was iwa?

  2. ‘The heck is that gal doing in the background? Just opening sticks of gum. Get her out on the show floor!

  3. And the special Bratwurst always goes to Germany when it comes to weapons regulations. Not that any serious criminal seems to care, but as long as the majority of the population remains unarmed, it serves its purpose.

  4. OTOH I think this is great that Brownell’s is offering this in Europe. And the expansion of Brownells into the european market in general I like as well. European arms dealers are a bit behind behid the times especially in their webshops. So I applaud the competition by a firm that has a better grasp of these things. OTOH I do not really see the market for these in Europe? It is not really a hunting rifle. Yes you can use it for hunting, but it is not really built for that. For competition I think people are going to trend towards actual race guns. And hunting and sports competition shooting are for the most part the only recognized reasons for firearms ownership with differing regulations as to what is allowed and what is not for hunters and sporters. Yes there are also licenses granted for personal protection, but those are few. This is pretty nearly everywhere the legal situation across Europe.

    Soo, yeah, I fail to see the target market? I can be missing something of course.

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