Announcing “History of Weapons & War” – Streaming App for Firearms Video!

I am really excited to announce a new streaming service for historical & education firearms video content: History of Weapons & War. This is a collaboration between Forgotten Weapons and seven other firearms channels to put all the best educational gun content in one place – a place that is outside the reach of Youtube.

We have a special discount code for you – “WEAPONSWAR40” will get you 40% off your first month – but it’s only valid today, September 22nd. So head over to:

and sign up! Once you do, you can download the app for any of the major platforms:

Android App Store
Android TV
Apple App Store / iOS
Apple TV / tvOS
Amazon Fire TV

In doing so, you will be getting all the best historical/educational firearms content on the web and supporting a whole group of passionate and dedicated creators all at once:

Bloke on the Range
British Muzzleloaders
British Royal Armouries
Cap & Ball EU
Forgotten Weapons
Legacy Collectibles
Nine Hole Reviews
The Armourer’s Bench


  1. just watched the ” First ” Chauchat challenge . You thanked your Wife for making the Lunch. Are we ever going to meet your wife one day on a video ? Or has she already been in one at some point ? Love to meet the woman who puts up with you .

  2. On the one hand I hate to see stuff being put behind paywalls and thus hidden from most people. On the other hand making videos costs money and i fully understand that. And well i follow pretty much all of them anyway. Sharing with the smaller channels is a good idea certainly. But 10 U$D a month is a lot actually. Ten here, ten there and by the end of the month your pocket is empty. Well I have a few hours left to think for the discount.

    When exactly, which timezone is the cutoff?

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