Announcing Headstamp Publishing!

I am very excited to announce Headstamp Publishing! This is a small arms and military technology focussed publishing company I have founded with my friends and collaborators Nic Jenzen-Jones and James Rupley. Between us, we have experience throughout the complete process of turning historical research into beautiful print books. Our first printing will be my own book on French military rifles, and we have two more books in the works – one on British bullpup rifles and one on the history of the Kabul Arsenal.

We are making small arms book that are as much works of art as they are works of scholarship, with magnificent photography, thoughtful layout, and world class editing and research. If you are a collector, historian, or enthusiast you have some really fantastic titles to look forward to…and if you have been considering writing a book yourself, we would like to work with you to make it *the* definitive book on its subject, against which all others will be judged. Either way, check us out at and sign up for our email notification list for special offers and breaking news!


    • Love the idea! Can’t wait to see these books. Would love to see one on the Egyptian, Spanish, and chineese copies and their manufacturing.

  1. Great job Ian! You are putting my $1 a month to very good use with these new books on small arms. I hope Forgotten Weapons flourish and expand dynamically with your guidance.
    God bless you Ian.
    Your patreon supporter and friend,
    William Romero

  2. I am seriously debating writing about portuguese firearms. I might need to get in contact with you guys. I am no where near starting to research and write but this along with many other factors keep pointing to doing it.

    • A neglected field rich with material. Portugal was militarily busy right through the last 200+ years and used all sorts of arms from all over Europe. You have your work cut out for you.

  3. Well done Ian.

    A few days ago I rewatched your videoed lecture about gun proof marks. In that you kept saying there was no one source for them, and that “Google is your friend”. Once Headstamp is underway about about proof marks and headstamps should do well; but I imagine getting it written would be a long job; especially if it turned out you were the expert.

  4. Ian,
    What a fantastic achievement! I am really thrilled to see that you have found another niche for your expertise and like-minded partners to make it happen. As a lover of books, I look forward to seeing what Headstamp puts out. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Ian!

    A professional writer friend of mine, with several published books, once told me (when I had signed a contract to write a book) that “Book publishing is sausage making, and you, my dear, are the piggie.” 🙂

  6. Always remember the reply from a french gun publisher 30 years ago when I approched him about writing some books in french about making silencers machineguns etc.His reply was that they would be censored/ forbidden in France.Today the author would just be put in jail
    Hurray for literary freedom in the united states

  7. I would like to purchase $500.00 in Head Stamp publishing common stock.
    Sven Sorensen Patreon member

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