Announcement: “Chassepot to FAMAS” Being Reprinted

Yep, after seeing copies showing up on eBay and Amazon for as much as $500, I realized that if we don’t do a second printing I will become the very thing I hate dealing with: a reference book with a speculator market. So, we are doing a second printing.

This will be the standard red cover only, without tip-in pages or cocktail sheets. It will be available in both standard and signed-by-me copies. The cover will be slightly different in the fine details, as we are now using a different (and better!) printer than when we did the first run.

The actual content of the book is essentially unchanged. We used the opportunity to fix a handful of typographical problems, but made no substantive additions.

The reprint can be pre-ordered now, with delivery anticipated for August. If you order now, we do charge you now – if you are not comfortable with that, I will be making another announcement when the books arrive and you can order then. Also, if you order multiple items now and they are not all in stock (ie, Chassepot to FAMAS), we will wait to ship your order until everything is here. If you want items to ship separately, place two separate orders.


  1. I would really like to see an update with the Meunier A6 included. It was used, although limited, and am really missing that rifle. The book itself is top notch, I ordered a normal version via Kickstarter, and I highly recommend it.

  2. Will there be a third printing? Or should I buy one of the (presumably) last signed copies now and risk angering the wife?

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