All the Fun and None of the Dumb: 1 Shepherd Leadership Institute

The Midnight Brutality match was only feasible because of the assistance of the 1 Shepherd Leadership Institute cadre, and so I want to take a few minutes today to talk about just who they are. It is an organization founded in 1981 that uses infantry tactics and exercises to teach leadership. Intended for a wide variety of audiences from recreational milsim and airsoft enthusiasts to active-duty military looking to improve their skills.

The organization uses the MILES laser system for extensive force-on-force training, allowing realistic range and accuracy with blanks in real rifles, both day and night. They have three locations around the US, including the 300 acres of varied terrain at the Echo Valley Training Center where we held Midnight Brutality. Their Warrior Leader Program is designed as a series of seven-day courses, with a full semester comprising six such courses.


  1. In infantry charges you have to be very good, meaning… “fit” at going from up I.e. Running, to prone firing; or dead… Up, down, up, down, up, down. Up, down. If you can master that; difficult really bullets are quick, but basically it is fitness. I was very fit, but they said I got shot; said I was (Not on this but the Brit Army have a similar thing) unrealistically still running I.e. I was actually dead. Probably accurate. But bin kettle bells; up, down, up, down, up, down; Is what you want to do. You can see why there is lots of names on war memorials though, and you’d likely be joining them.

    Basically avoid wars, he he. But hey, I am not a President or a General.

    Anyway, looks good stuff that in the U.S; cool way to spend your time, why not.

    Different world of indirect fire now. And I mean, 100m map bearing lark. 50m… Where does it end, heat seaking off your gun drones; especially at night.

    Battries that you see; portable power, that will be the same with (Terminators) it is all about power, just like aa battries we thought were good for powering Nintendo Donkey games… That is what it is all about, soon as “robots don’t need us to plug them in” all coming, what? Up, down, up, down he he.

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