Alien vs Spinner: Round 2 (Now With Less Fail!)

 Time for another practice session on the spinner…I am improving!

This time, I stopped trying to make double taps, and focused instead on getting a single properly timed hit at each presentation. Hitting twice is good, but not if it causes me to miss a following shot – perfect consistency is more important than extra hits.

And just for kicks, I’ll try a SIG P365 on it…


    • I always wanted a Webley- Fosbery, and I should have bought one when they were relatively cheap about 50 years ago.

  1. One take away from this episode would appear to be that this exercise was more about the shooter and their technique than the gun itself (other than calibre).

  2. May I suggest extending the right side grip panel to include a thumb ridge?
    This will provide a quick, bolt-on solution to a thumb blocking the ejection port.

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