A Patreon Thank-You and Pattern Room Teaser

The quantity of amazing guns in the NFC (it’s officially the “National Firearms Centre” and includes the original Pattern Room collection – whose name sounds much cooler) is just really overwhelming. I spend a week there earlier this year filming, and wanted to convey some hint of what the place is like (unfortunately, their security rules prohibit filming in the main collection area). So we grabbed a rolling rack with a few interesting pieces to show you…

While it was ARES connections that made it possible for me to access the collection for filming, it was the financial support from all of you through Patreon that makes it possible for me to travel and make the channel possible. Thanks so much!


  1. If you’ve get the chance Aalborg Forsvars og Garnisions Museum has a near complete collection of Madsen and DISA guns, including a full set of LARs.

    • Is that open to the public? I have friends in Denmark and would love to visit such a collection next time I was over ther.

  2. I’m so glad I signed up for Patreon to give Ian a chance to get all enthusiactic I love it when he gets excited….lol

  3. Ian, you got a new Patreon donator just for the heck of it.
    Realized that my new bank card is actually a Visa Electron which works like a credit card if I have monies on the account – better than credit (if U ask me).

    This gun nerd-ery you put up is just awesome and has been my main attraction on the net for years. And I am not a gun guy, just healthy interest in those.

    Go get ’em, Ian. Great work and stuff.

  4. On no, Finnish M/27 with a Physica prismatic scope, possibly the most impractical sniper rifle scope of WW2. The scope may have been partly inspired by the Warner-Swasey Musket Sight, which also was far from practical.

  5. Luck Ian, I remember several ‘club outings’ to the Pattern Room when it was at Enfield and Herb Woodend was the curator. Wonderful! Everything you ever read about was there and in top condition.
    I recall a Luger carbine engraved with the monogram ‘GL’ (for Georg Luger) hanging on the wall by means of cuphooks! Wise to wear the gloves. Everything was quite oily and after a hour or so I was faced with a hefty dry cleaning bill. Well worth it.

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