A Mystery MP-5 in .45ACP…Will it Run?


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      • Modern world; I was going to say, er… This is a website I am typing on; like… Seem to remember videos being posted on here. But like £ cash etc “Don’t know about the internet world of, cash.” £8.01p to subscribe to world of war or whatever it was “A month. £80 something a year; not being 7.99 was unusual” anyway content creators eh; Nikky Dandelion on Pornhub is going to be furious… Nikky I just wanted to know if this “Pakistani” Mp5 works! I know your content is better. But it was a mystery Mp5! Feel like I have been virtually divorced, he he.

        It does work out of interest* high fire rate…

        *= Works with correct mag & then just. Fair play to the possibly Pakistani bazar manufacturer, decent product; if it wasn’t for gun laws we could all have semi functional mp5’s and you would be rich. Good luck to you.

    • You don’t have to pay. You can view the video free on Utreon, a video platform for stupid conservatives who love Uncle Toms (literally, just look at the front page).

      • Okay, you’re dismissed. When you’ve achieved something even vaguely at the level of LTC. West (fat chance) you can come back and try again.

          • I only watch Nikky Dandelion for her very cute facial expressions out of interest.

            Ian you have long hair; modern world, try flicking your eye lids, he he.

            Tough times for internet content creators eh. Folk over here (U.K) are looting shops; poor economic climate or something, mutha fuckers want shooting mind. If anyone had a gun, he he.

            Nikky! It was a mystery Mp5!!

            Hee… 2023.

          • Is it something to do with cash? I mean to be fair; I suppose internet, content creating is… Sort of a job. So, like… Pay.

          • Lieutenant Colonel.

            Remember the First Rule of the Internet;

            If you are too drunk to post, you are too drunk to post.



          • “(…)Pay.(…)”
            What would you get, if we do so? Your action suggest you will be paid and thus your assessment might be not neutral.

    • My SWAG is that they introduced the MP5/10 and MP5/40 (10mm auto and .40 S&W respectively), anticipating more enthusiasm for a more powerful version of their little toy than was ever really likely.

      Seeing the actual lukewarm response, they scrubbed the plans for the MP5/45.

      One in 7.62 x 25mm might have been a better choice commercially. All those PPSh41s and PPS43s and Chinese and other copies of same worldwide must be getting a bit worn by now.

      And not everybody who has them wants an AK clone as a replacement.

      An MP5 that fit into that sort of existing logistics chain might have had a good bit of appeal.

      clear ether


      • Based on everything I know about the MP5/10 and the MP5/40, it wasn’t quite that. They introduced them specifically because the FBI wanted them, but there was a catch. I’m a bit hazy on the details, but there’s a component in both guns that has to be swapped out depending on whether you’re using a hot load or a lighter one. H&K shipped the guns with the part built for lighter loads installed, along with the spare part for hot loads, but very few people in the FBI could be bothered to actually pay attention to the importance of having the right part in, so they were firing hot loads through their guns with the wrong part installed, and subsequently getting poor reliability, parts breaking, and even receivers cracking. I did a bit of looking into the MP5/10 a while back because I got curious if they were actually good or if the rumors I had heard about poor reliability were true, and it seemed pretty conclusive that the people who’ve handled them and actually knew how to use them properly liked them immensely. But because they got a questionable reputation with the FBI, and the fact that the .40 S&W and 10mm Auto rounds had still only gotten a somewhat mediocre reception at this point, back the early 90s, it killed any potential sales. On the other hand, I think the FBI is still using some MP5/40s and MP5/10s, or at least were until a few years ago. The guns themselves aren’t a poor design.

    • “(…)if there were any MP5 in .45, it should be an SD for that subsonic ammo.”
      Not SD version might be explained if it would be done for law enforcement organization using .45 Auto as standard and not willing to accept any other cartridge type.

  1. Weaponsandwar.tv It was; that loony Canadian guy “Off Youtube” who runs around in a kilt shooting Martini Henry’s etc is on it, out of interest.

    I mean if that doesn’t get you to subscribe, nothing will.

  2. Call it, Trans-forgotten weapons; be right then, put on a bra… Get back onto Youtube as a consequence. Astonishing aren’t they, some of these chicks with dicks on Pornhub aren’t they? What? 2023 modern world, he he.

  3. @PDB
    They’ve even got a seaside town called “Troon” in that dark and heathen land, so anything more to do with hairy legs in skirts, wouldn’t surprise me.

    It would probably still frighten a horse though.

    The different models of how to fund a “public good” like special interest Internet vids is really interesting

    I liked Ian’s pieces with the auction houses, importers and makers of repro WWii rarities.

    I’m not implying that they were funding Ian, but it would be good if they were, the content was really interesting too.

    There was a thing on zerohedge a while back, with an only fans “model” who claimed to be in the top however many % on there
    I think she was getting something like $38 / month

    so, 80% or 90% or 95% of “models” on there were getting even less.

    all values are subjective, so perhaps those others were happily gaining their psychological payment, from the thought of how upset daddy would be if he ever found out what his 14 year old daughter was up to, or an aging and delusional cougar, imagining who might (but almost certainly won’t be!) watching.

    I guess that the supply of people willing to take their undies off infront of a camera, far outstrips (lame pun intended) demand.

    there might not be as many of us gun nerds, as there are people going blind from watching only fans

    but there’s also far less supply of interesting and original content

    it’s not as though Ian’s stuff is a commodity that’s available from anyone else, let alone tens or even hundreds of thousands of sluts and troons on only fans providers.

    • Fair point/s, he he; oh, I dont know; perhaps I am just in a permenant state of “Angst” about other peoples wars, and I drink whiskey and waffle. My bag.

      Still, bit… Of more reluctance, to engage in conflicts everyone in the world eh? No? Just go for it, see what happens.

      Ok… He he, meh.

      Double? Ha. Ha…

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